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08.01.2001 Added "." and ".inl" extensions for parsing.
Improved and corrected progress bar while parsing.
Added parsing of statments like "operator const char*". Earlier only "new", "delete" and "arithmetical" operators were available. Earlier parser stoped correct reading from that place.
Added (earlier removed) 'build manager' feature.

07.23.2001 Added Smart parse options (select it from options dialog and then rebuild tags information).
It allows to parse all files that included in files of your projects
Currently there are some limits with this feature: wrong progress bar; only .h,.hpp files can be added.
Temporally removed build manager feature (some problems with add-in initialize).

06.25.2001 Added algorithm to insert headers with right related passes.
Added Explorer menu to files in Windows Manager.
Fixed bug with build manager.
Comminucation with compiler changed from pipe technology (now it doesn't need to subclass main window) to using std handlers.
Added possibility only to build projects but not to run them.

06.14.2001 Added automatic registration at first instalation.
Reduced size of installation file.
Fixed bug. Crash VC++ while opening of some files.

05.24.2001 Added automatic notice of the new version by WatzNew service.
Added Project dependencies tree in Tags Manager.
Added highlighting in Tags diagram (selected item, parents, children).
Fixed bug. Restored performance while opening of Tags manager.

05.19.2001 Fixed serious bug (in versions 2.20-2.22). There was a limit to about 1000 classes in tags diagram.

05.15.2001 Fixed bug. Occures if you have code like that:
                  struct MySet : set<int>{};
                  struct Set{};

05.13.2001 Now Tags diagram and tree support child/parent relations for class, struct, interface regardless of parent's type.
                  Added warning message while opening tags dialog without registring addflow.ocx on your machine. Run "regsvr32 %your path%\AddFlow3.ocx" or download AddFlow control.

04.15.2001 Added "Save picture" command (graph in Tags Manager).
                  Added "Show file tags" manager instead of "Export Registy" fuction that moved to "Tool" page in options dialog.

02.08.2001 Fixed serious bug. No response from VC++ when you try to update tags information in some cases. Problem was is isspace function! I can't believe in it while I found a comment in Devstudio headers:
// BUGBUG32: isspace function does not seem to work properly

02.05.2001 First version of "including files diagram" - please send me your comments.
                  Inserting "#include "FileNameWithCase.h"".
                  Fixed bug with something like "#include THIS_FILE".
                  Removed AJL.mod file from your disk.
                  Decreased size of add-in dll. Now it is - 80 Kb!
                  Help file updated.
                  Added tool tips to classes and files in diagrams.

01.22.2001 Fixed bug with files that contain #include "..\file.h"

07.26.2000 Fixed bug under WinNT that happened on exit from Vusial Studio.

07.14.2000 Version 2.0

07.12.2000 Additional .dll files replaced by .mod files. Please remove AJL.dll and AIC.dll from your disks.
                  Added "buttons" with ToolTips on CAPTIONS of dialogs.

07.05.2000  Fixed bug with include's tree. 

07.01.2000  First integration of Graph in tags dialog.

06.17.2000  New algorithm for finding files in workspace and common DevStudio directories.

06.08.2000.   Beta 2.0 with graph view.

06.05.2000.   Fixed problem with default additional directory. Added exclude list in options dialog and context menu for tags in Tags Manager.  Source&Binary&Help

05.23.2000.  Fixed problem with CPU usage and added a link to version information in options dialog.

05.20.2000.  Fixed bug which closed windows when clicked outside the window.

05.16.2000.  Added Help file and compability withWndTabsadd-in.

04.13.2000.  Added Registry export and Bookmarks Manager.

02.25.2000.  Now you can choose to build or rebuild projects, processing "Run" command.

01.10.2000.  Fixed my first bug on Win2000 (WinNT).

01.05.2000.  First version of this site.

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