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Tag indexing and search
Tag Manager window provides a tree of classes and parent/children relationships in the workspace and additional directories (MFC source for example). Can find by name declaration of class, struct,template, function, union, enum, typedefs, defines, externs, variables,members, file includes, interfaces and files. 
One-click tag search: quickly finds declaration of selected tag (class, function,etc.) and positions cursor on it. 
Automatic #include insertion. Automatically adds #include statement for header file with declaration of selected tag. 

 Hierarchy Chart
Graphical view of classes and parent/children relationships in the workspace.
Graphical view of files (headers) relationships in the workspace.
Graphical view of project dependencies in the workspace.

 Window helpers 
Window Manager presents much more convinient alternative to standard "Windows" dialog. Window list can be sorted by name, time, extension or directory. Grouped sorting is suppored, i.e. you can sort by one attribute withing groups sorted by another attribute. Shows standart explorer menu.
Session Manager saves sets of opened windows, and allows to switch between saved sets.
Favorites Manager allows to quickly open files from a list of favorites. 
Auto-save option saves files automatically when switching from Visual Studio to another application. 
Header/source toggle button. Switches between .cpp or .c and .h. For .rc files switches between resource editor and text mode. 
Registry export.Now you can export your MSDev settings to a reg-file and then use it on another computer.
Bookmarks Manager. You can have sorted list of bookmarks and add new or select previous bookmark just with double-click. Source line from this bookmark also is shown. And of course they are saved after closing MSDev.  Also saving and restoring bookmarks after closing and re-opening a file.  Moreover you can push/pop bookmarks in a stack just like in Multi-Edit

 Build system
Quickly build selected projects of the workspace without checking dependencies and then run (or not) the program in one mouse click. 

I need your opinion on:

  • scaling
  • links visualization
  • node visualization
  • hints
  • diagram structure
  • show/hide part of diagram
  • selecting/moving to parents/children

  • ...
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